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Home Size, Job Relocations Are Top Reasons for Selling a Home

Decades ago, it was not uncommon for people to work at the same job for the entirety of their professional career. Similarly, many people kept the same home their whole lives. Those trends, however, have shifted. Today most homeowners buy and sell several homes throughout their lifetime. The reasons to sell one’s home vary—changes in […]

9 Things Science Says Your Home Needs If You Want to Be Happy

9 Things Science Says Your Home Needs If You Want to Be Happy Consider this your excuse to treat yourself to fresh flowers on the regular. Just because your home is stylish and clean doesn’t mean you’re living your happiest life possible. Bummer, we know. But according to science, these are the colors, scents, and […]

Hate Spring Cleaning? Try Winter Cleaning Instead

Each spring, after the snow melts and cool, rainy days turn into warm, sunny ones, people begin the daunting task of reorganizing and scrubbing the home in preparation for the spring season. It seems a bit strange to so diligently clean your home for a season in which people often spend a lot of time […]

Another Head-Spinner for Twin Cities Mortgage Interest Rates

Twin Cities Mortgage Interest Rates Fall Amid Economic Turmoil By the end of last week, with world financial markets quavering and Wall Street chalking up the worst start for any year ever, you’d think that the Twin Cities’ real estate outlook would be as worrisome as the rest of the economy’s. Not necessarily. For sure, […]

Twin Cities Mortgage Holders Consider Wisdom of Early Payoffs

On Whether Early Twin Cities Mortgage Payments Make Sense Extra Payments for Twin CitiesMortgages Questioned   It’s usually around this time of year when the one in charge of keeping track of your household’s finances either sits down to do some budget arithmetic, or (at a minimum) goes hunting for a new shoe box to […]

Young Adults Might Reverse a Twin Cities Housing Trend

More First-Timers May Enter the Twin Cities Housing Market Faint Green Light for First-Time Housing Market Entrants   You don’t need real estate statistics or government bureau reports to sense that first-time home ownership rates have been in the dumps for a while. Twin Cities housing figures have too few transactions month-by-month to draw many […]

Twin Cities Real Estate Sales Data

Real Estate Radio Hour Update As real estate professionals, we strive to keep in touch with our listeners and provide them with information that we hope they will find useful. This newsletter is an opportunity to let you know about the state of the market and current trends. It may even touch on ways that […]

New Year’s Frame of Mind (and Twin Cities Real Estate)

New Year’s Frame of Mind (and Twin Cities Real Estate) In the Grip of the New Year’s Frame of Mind Twin Cities Real Estate Investments Forgotten in Savings Survey   Along with all of last week’s New Year’s Day festivities came what you could call the New Year’s Frame of Mind: the familiar, this-time-of-year special […]

Twin Cities Real Estate Deserves New Year’s Resolutions, Too!

Twin Cities Real Estate Deserves New Year’s Resolutions, Too! New Year’s Resolutions with a Twin Cities Real Estate Flavor Real Estate Enters the New Year with Resolutions Aplenty!   It’s hard to even think about New Year’s without the word ‘resolutions’ popping into your head—not to mention that it’s nearly impossible to go to any […]

Holiday Magic is no Exaggeration in Many Twin Cities Homes

Twin Cities Homes’ Holiday Decorations Trigger Familiar Magic Holiday Magic Spreads through Local Homes Last week, those of us who were out and about during the increasingly short daylight hours could take in what looked like the regular number of Twin Cities homes decked out with the familiar holiday paraphernalia. When the weather cooperates, it […]