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Five Sense Appeal in Real Estate

Saturday July 28th on the Real Estate Radio Hour, Chris Rooney of the Realty House and Andy Prasky of Re/Max looked at the Mystery of the Chocolate Chip Cookie in Getting Your House Sold. As it turns out you can use a potential buyers 5 senses to help influence how they feel about your property. The mystery is actually simple; the smell of cookies is enjoyable, so people will appreciate walking through your home.


Start with your 5 senses, do you enjoy the look of your home from the outside, or are there things you’ve been putting off doing? Curb appeal is a potential buyer’s introduction to your home so be sure to take the time to clean up the front yard. You may need to pound nails, trim trees, cut grass, even put in the retaining wall you always wanted! You can create a stunning first meeting with that potential buyer and leave them excited to see what the rest of the house has to offer.

Welcome that potential buyer into your home by creating an inviting ambiance that is both effective and enjoyable. Turn on the music at a low non-invasive level making sure it’s music that won’t turn them off from the current owner of the house. Fill the air with a delicious aroma by baking cookies before the showing or open house.

Stay away from anything that may turn into a nuisance for a potential buyer. Burning incense in every room may hide a smell, but it also may overwhelm the person thinking about buying. Don’t play offensive music and play it at a quiet level. Let the buyer walk through the home and enjoy their experience. If you have lots of family photos take some down, this will let that buyer feel like the house can be turned into a home for their family through visualization. If every wall is covered with photo’s they may leave the house knowing more about your family than the house they just looked at.

There are many things you can do to assist in getting your home sold, as well as ways to prepare to put it on the market. The Real Estate Radio Hour has a staff that can assist you with all aspects of a real estate transaction. If you’re looking for help, call us at 800-246-1867.