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Hate Spring Cleaning? Try Winter Cleaning Instead

Each spring, after the snow melts and cool, rainy days turn into warm, sunny ones, people begin the daunting task of reorganizing and scrubbing the home in preparation for the spring season. It seems a bit strange to so diligently clean your home for a season in which people often spend a lot of time out and about or on vacation, so instead of spring cleaning, the National Association of REALTORS®’ consumer website HouseLogic recommends a winter cleaning.

HouseLogic’s tips include thoroughly and safely vacuuming dryer vents to help prevent fires, disinfecting garbage cans to help keep germs away, winterizing entryways to keep from tracking in outside muck and cleaning ceiling fan blades to keep everyone breathing easy. Completing these tasks during the winter months can keep your spring cleaning to a minimum.

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Review HouseLogic’s tips for a thorough winter cleaning. Discuss those tips with REALTORS® in your area and find out if they have any additional ideas specific to your community or region. Find a homeowner who has adopted this winter cleaning idea and see what the benefits and/or issues might be with conducting a winter cleaning.

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