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Hire the Help or Move it Yourself?

For those who have moved before, you know how difficult it is. Whether you are moving across the road or across the nation, moving can be stressful and difficult. I have moved 3 times myself. Please note, that doesn’t include the 4 trips, 8 if you count there and back, for college. If you have been to college, you know your freshman year, you leave with a car load of brand new room décor and clothes, and leave with 4 car loads of crap. Finally by your senior year, you have it down to a half load, for you are so tired of moving!

If you are looking for moving tips and are hoping for a very smooth easy process, the number one tip I can give you is HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR YOU. For a business person, this idea makes a ton of sense. Time is valuable and typically if you have a task to do and you are not an expert at it, you hire someone to complete the project. If you are someone who is frugal or can’t fathom paying someone to move your stuff, here are five tip and things to think about before taking on the daunting task of moving.

Tip 1- Label Label Label

If you are anything like me you like to label everything and make everything fit perfectly in every single box you pack. If you are not like me, you may save a little time in the beginning, but you will pay for it in the end. By labeling each box, it will help you and your friends (assuming you can round some up to help you move), put the boxes in the correct rooms when you bring it in. The amount of walking time it will save you to have the boxes in the correct room will be worth it when you are unpacking. Also, labeling BREAKABLE on every box (or the ones with things breakable in it), will help your “friends” move everything carefully.

Tip 2- Go Room by Room

When you are packing, instead of attempting to pack everything at once, pack room by room. This will make it seem as though you are making progress! Start with your least needed room (maybe your living room), and pack the whole room and clearly label living room. This will allow all of your living room boxes to be together, so when carrying boxes in, it will be quicker!

Tip 3- Start Early

By start early, I don’t mean start packing before you even list your house, but by starting early you can pack things that you don’t even need in your house for showings, etc. For example, if it is winter, you can easily pack all of your summer items right from the get go. This is also a chance to get rid of the clutter and the items you don’t want to move into a new home in the first place!

Tip 4- Color Coordinate

You might not have to go as over the top as I did when moving, but color coordinating labels and boxes also allows ease for moving items for easy unpacking. Also, after your move, if you haven’t unpacked everything, but need to find something in a particular box, it allows you to at least narrow down what box the item might be in.

Tip 5- Let it Go

Instead of packing something that you have questioned keeping, just let it go. This is an opportunity for you to be in a new space and have a new opportunity to start fresh. If you didn’t even remember owning an item, or an item has been through two moves, without you even using it, now may be the time to donate it. Letting things go can allow you to have less items to move and it will take you less time!

How Long?

The question I have been asked many times is how long. How long will moving realistically take me? Here is a guideline to that question! Please note, this doesn’t include the driving or the unpacking!


Type of Place Number of People Helping Approx. Hours to Pack
Studio Apartment 2 2
1 Bedroom Apartment 2 4
2 Bedroom Home 2 5
3 Bedroom Home 2 8
4 Bedroom 2 10
5 Bedroom 2 12



Moving Company?

Thinking about hiring a moving company after realizing how long it will take you? A quote is usually just a phone call away! Why not find out how much your valuable time is worth? Have someone who has been a moving professional for a long time! I do not work for a moving company, nor represent one, but I will tell you that after attempting my last move, with a one year old, I will either NEVER move again or I will hire someone. Hiring someone seems more realistic!

Who to hire?

That choice we are leaving to you! But we have a pretty strong recommendation!