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Luxury real estate to the average home: Top architectural styles across the US

Luxury real estate to the average home: Top architectural styles across the US

Whether it’s luxury real estate or the average home around the corner, unique and creative architectural styles are a big part of the housing market. Home styles derived from European ancestors, a love for nature, the ocean and a wide range of other influences have wound their way throughout the country.

While this means clients can find their dream homes nearly anywhere, it also means top real estate agents have to know what architectural style each listing is. To help out, here are five of the most popular across the country:

1. The Colonial
No matter where you are in the U.S., you’re likely pretty close to a Colonial style home. Colonials are based off of design elements from our Colonial predecessors who used European features when they settled in this country. Colonial homes are often characterized by multiple levels, a pitched roof and symmetrical, multi-pane windows. Today, Colonial homes have a classic, elegant feel.

2. The Contemporary
Contemporary, modern homes are the opposite of the Colonial style. A contemporary home will be characterized by flat walls and roofs, sharp angles and minimalist design elements. Another key trait is large windows, with massive, single panes of glass on most sides of the home. Many contemporary homes also have exposed beams and high ceilings, or open, unadorned fireplaces.

3. The Ranch
Another incredibly popular architectural style today is the Ranch home. The biggest trait of a Ranch is the single-floor layout. Without multiple levels, Ranches can be spread out over a larger area than other styles. Ranches surged to popularity in the ’50s and ’60s, and since then they have become an affordable, popular style across the country.

4. The Victorian
The fourth home style you’re likely to see is the Victorian. The opposite of simple architecture like modern homes and Ranch homes, Victorian design is marked by steep roofs, ornate, lacy woodwork and design features, tall windows and decorative shingles and siding. Certain types of Victorian homes also combine exterior paint colors, further adding to the high-style approach to architecture.

5. The Cottage
The last style on our list is the Cottage. While the actual square footage isn’t a solid indicator of this type of home, the typical Cottage is small, quaint and simple. Cottages usually have one main floor and a smaller second floor/attic combination. Wood siding is another characteristic, as are window seats, picket fences and gardens. Larger, multi-pane windows are often found on Cottages as well.

While each of these architectural styles started in a unique part of the country – or the world – today, each one can be found across the U.S. This makes it fun for top real estate agents to find exciting listings in a variety of styles. Whether your client wants a Victorian home or a Ranch home, rest easy knowing that one is located nearby.

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