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Marketing A Multi-Million Dollar Malibu Estate

In a recovering real estate market, everyone is trying new things to move their product. CEO of Staats and Co. DeAnna Staats has turned to movie making and iPod offers in effort to sell her $35 million dollar Malibu Mansion.

DeeAnna knew in listing her Carbon Mesa Estate for $35 Million there is a very select number of potential buyers looking in that price range. According to Andy Carmichael who works in marketing for Staats and Co. which deals in Real Estate development “Research shows that most of the (high-end real estate) activity in California in the past 12 months has been from overseas buyers.” With that in mind, how does one market a property to people remotely in a way that would set it apart from the normal real estate video tour?

Andy and the Marketing team at Staats and Co. decided to think outside of the box having a professionally shot and directed mini-movie about three and a half minutes long produced. After viewing the film potential buyers can choose from 10 languages to read the specs and explore the house through additional video and still photos or explore the Malibu area. DeeAnna also had a custom-made iPad application created and delivered to a few select prospective buyers on gift-wrapped iPads.

If it seems like a long way to go to sell your home keep in mind the price point and location of this home. DeeAnna had a marketing team within her company Staats and Co. to turn to in this situation as well as a wide knowledge base of the local and state real estate market.

Having a team you can turn to when making a real estate purchase is ALWAYS a good idea. Whether it’s a property worth $15,000 or a $35 million dollar estate, having representation in all aspects of the transaction will always be a good approach.