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Minneapolis Cracks Top Ten in US Commercial Foreign Investment Dollars

Foreign Investments are moving to Minneapolis at a rate that makes many other major metropolitan areas blush. According to LaSalle Capital Markets Research a global property management company 2012’s second quarter saw $384 million dollars in cross-border commercial real estate investments enter Minneapolis. That number was enough to crack the top 10 of the United States cities. Here’s how the top 10 ended up looking.

1. New York – $1,014 Million
2. San Francisco – $685 Million
3. Washington, D.C. – $643 Million
4. Miami -$554 Million
5. Chicago – $529 Million
6. Dallas – $514 Million
7. Seattle – $431 Million
8. Minneapolis – $384 Million
9. Boston – $318 Million
10. Phoenix – $317 Million

Keep in mind foreign investment money is “globally sourced,” and most often comes from a pool of funds mostly from overseas investors that have been collected by financial institution, private equity company, pension fund or a bank which invest all or a portion of their portfolio in properties.

In case you were wondering number 1 worldwide in quarter 2 was London