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The Real Estate Radio Hour Experience


Saturday on the Real Estate Radio Hour, Andy was joined on air by Robert Alm, one of his past clients. Robert and his Wife Karissa had a growing family and needed more space, so began the search to upgrade to a larger house. After discussing what the family needed, Andy put the couple in contact with Justin Jurkovich of W.J. Bradley to obtain financing.

Once qualified the search was on for their new home, armed with an idea of where they wanted to live, a school district, and a knowledge of what the growing family may want. Andy, Robert and Karissa set out on a journey to find home.


What they found was a beautiful home in Maple Grove. Robert and Karissa loved the home as well as the location, there was only one problem, the windows…

Andy recommended the couple contact the nice folks at Lindus Construction, advice the family came to love after having a few windows replaced and more refinished. Rick Lindus was came to the home, explained to the couple where their remodeling dollers would be best spent in a process which was enjoyable, affordable and relatively stress free.

Something to consider… If you’re in the market for a new home start your search with a good agent. Not only does quality representation offer you peace of mind. A good agent can assist you from beginning to end with all the needs you may require when you make that big purchase. But they can’t do it alone. That’s why the Real Estate Radio Hour network operates with the highest quality companies in the Twin Cities from finance to rental properties we can help. Take the time before you begin to navigate the real estate market to seek out trustworthy, quality and professional help. It could make a huge difference in your home buying experience!