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Tips For A Successful School Year.

With kids across the state heading back to school, the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has put together a list of tips for parents to consider as they watch their children go back for another year of education.

For the first week some of the recommendations are to clear your schedule as much as possible. You’ll want to be free to help your child adjust to the new school routine. Whether it’s their first day in kindergarten, or the first day of high school, it’s always good to be available to help them deal with the confusion and anxieties that can come up. Reach out to your child’s teacher. Let them know you’re interested in getting feedback on how your child is adjusting and is doing as the year progresses.

They also have some tips if your child encounters a troubling situation.

Don’t overreact, young children may feel anxiety from being separated from their parents for the first time, teachers are trained to help them adjust.

Remain Calm and Positive. If your child has experienced academic, or social troubles their last year in school they may be filled with anxiety at the thought of heading back, if your child was bullied, they may even feel fearful and reluctant to return to school at all. Be sure to communicate your child’s concern with the school.

Communication is very important in the education of your child. After school talks, or engaging in their study habits, be involved and informed on a daily basis. Be sure the communication doesn’t stop there also let your child’s teacher and school know you understand that a quality education is a partnership between the Parents, Child and School. For more tips and the full article click here.