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Top Ten Cities to Raise a Family by


Real Estate Radio Hour has scoured the United States in effort to find the best places to raise a family. From east to west coast they took many things in from education to economy climate to general comfort of living, they included many factors. So here are the top ten places to have a family as put together by parenting .com

1. Boston, Massachusetts – Up from number 3 on last year’s list Boston took the top stop based on it’s gorgeous parks, historical neighborhoods, great institutions of higher learning, and new highway systems.

2. Burlington, Vermont – Widely known for its great skiing, but Burlington has much more to offer with all year outdoor fun.

3. Portland, Maine – New to the list this small northeastern city offers clean air, lots of outdoor space as well as a laidback lifestyle.

4. Austin, Texas – Austin has a lot to offer anyone, from singles to families this Texas town seems to pop up on every list imaginable. Although it
dropped 2 spaces from #2 in 2011 to #4 in 2012 Austin is a great place in the Lone Star State for festivals and culture.

5. Cheyenne, Wyoming – Good schools and low crime lead the list of positives for this frontier town.

6. Arlington, Virginia and Washington DC – Culture and some high performing schools outweigh a high crime rate and an overall low performing DC school system, as well as a 90% graduation rate in Arlington and a flourishing economy these towns have a lot to offer.

7. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – Healthy air, healthy people safe streets, and lower unemployment give the Twin Cities a jump start, along with a commitment to developing more alternative transportation such as light rail and bike friendly lanes. Minneapolis and St. Paul offers big city living without having to sacrifice your health and safety.

8. Madison Wisconsin – Down 2 positions from 2011, low crime and health keep this Midwestern town on the map for great places to raise a family.

9. Omaha, Nebraska – The United States largest indoor rainforest and the great Omaha Zoo. The town offers lots of family friendly events to enjoy.

10. Sioux Falls, South Dakota – With unemployment numbers scoring around four percentage points lower than the nation average, and low violent crime and great air quality according to the American Lung Association Sioux Falls has a lot to offer.

So our Twin Cities comes in at #8, I think we can all agree they are number 1 in our hearts.