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What to Leave & What to Fix

Getting a home ready to sell can be very stressful! It seems like as soon as you are ready to sell, you finally get the projects done that you have been waiting to do for 5 years! Love it or List it, is a great TV show that shows how home improvements can even get you to want to stay in your own home! But is it really worth it? Should you put money in to a home that you are ready to sell? What is the purpose? Well this blog answers that and more!

What you should put your money into!

There are very few projects that will actually make you money on your home. Putting in money to sell your home, will really just increase your chances of selling your home. Not necessarily increase the asking price of your home. Some of the top most expensive improvements of your home that you will see a smaller return on include; replacing your siding, replacing your garage and replacing your windows. These seem to make sense, for they are the first things you see pulling up to a home. Surprisingly, a kitchen remodel is number 8 on the list of things to do!

What little things you can do!

Paint. As obvious as that sounds, it isn’t so obvious to some home sellers. Paint can go a long way. Get rid of the little holes with some mudd, and repaint. A fresh coat of a neutral color can add a lot to a hot pink room. This little improvement may cost you a fifty, but it will be worth it.

Take down the person photos. No one wants to walk into a home and see your children and your pet dog in a tub. Buyers may have their own family, and seeing yours may not help them picture their family in the same home. For example, maybe you have no children but numerous photos of pets. The buyer may have a child allergic to dogs. The idea of putting the child in a house of a dog lover may be tough for the buyer to purchase the home. Remember, you are the seller. Not the buyer. Cost of this advice=free.

Remove the clutter. Spend $100 on a month worth of a storage rental. Your child’s toys may be important, but the buyer being able to move freely around the house is more important. A buyer does not want to see your extensive collection of Pez or dolls. In fact, that may creep them out. Try to make your home feel lived in, but not too lived in. Word of advice, ask a friend to come over and help. They are less tied to your things than you are.

But why?

Why must you do anything? Your home is perfect the way it is! Every showing is valuable and you will usually get feedback on every showing. If you think your house is perfect, wait until that first valuable showing and see. However, remember that every showing is potentially a buyer. So that buyer is worth as much as your listing. So do yourself a favor, and list it for the buyer!


Questions? Find a realtor near you! They tend to be honest with what you should do as well!

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